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Jewish Hero Corps, featured in BusinessWeek's "SmallBiz" magazine.

See the Entrance Hall of The New Jewish SuperHero Headquarters, being constructed in Earth orbit!

Here at this temporary HQ, you can read a little about the Jewish SuperHeroes, and get some truly unique Super-gifts, from the critically acclaimed educational Jewish comic book to High-Quality kids purim costumes, to tee shirts, mugs, clocks and more (Don't miss the special winter sale on Menorah Man Open Flame Barbecue Aprons!)
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The Jewish Hero Corps, the first ever Jewish Super-Hero team, is made up of seven heroes who have banded together to fight their common enemy—Jewish Amnesia, often battling the Fobots™, a bunch of nasty robots who try various schemes to erase Jewish memories worldwide.

Major Earl Chandler, well-known for his mission to the planet Mercury, came back with super-powers and started a team. Calling himself Menorah Man, because of his ability to grow eight arms and shoot flames out of them(Please do not reveal his secret identity to non-members of the Jewish Hero Corps.)

Among the first recruits were Dreidel Maidel, who spins at electron speed, Minyan Man, who can multiply into ten, and Magen David, who carries a centuries-old impenetrable shield. Also in the Jewish Hero Corps are Kipa Kid — who has a belt full of trick Yarmulkahs — and Shabbas Queen, whose Electro-Wand stops electrical devices for 24 hours, giving them a rest.

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Jewish Hero Corps Comics #2 "The Secret Of The Solar Succah!"


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